Saturday, September 8, 2012

You don't call it a random post when you haven't update anything in your blog for a month.

Amboi tajuk. Karangan SPM 2012, mungkin. Brrrz.

Assalamualaikum and hai. So waddup guys? Le me is talking as if there're anyone there reading this berhabuk layak masuk tong sampah blog. Err no, not yet for now. The blog is my precious diary, walaupun malas nak update. C'mon lah this is Emy, wadya expect. Pemalas kuasa lapan. Brrrz.

Alhamdulillah, saya masih hidup, masih bernafas masih cukup pancaindera anggota tubuh badan. Alhamdulillah for His bless I'm still here, with my love ones. Oh anyhow, within a year, I lost my grandpa and uncle. Wee (in Kelantan, we reffered this to datuk) and Pak Uda left us for good in two months in a row. Sedih. Can you plis spend a minute of your life to these lovely people? Plis? Al Fatihah. 

So yeah, I'm studying in Intec now. Alhamdulillah, I'm here in a place where me myself never imagine to study here before. Nak berangan study overseas pernah lah, tapi serius lah, I never imagine myself here 'cause I hate pressure that much. Haaa amik kau, ini makan diaaaaa pressure dia toksah cerita plis. I ended up here, and have to settle down with myself for a few weeks, I'm now happy with my life here. Yea right -_- Penipu.

Unimas, Sarawak is the best place ever, indeed.

But I don't come Intec for no reason. He sends me here. Syukur.

Let me feed your eyes with my photos yaw, stay tuned! Ahaks poyo.

These are my housemates. Jenis suka lepak malam-malam sambil buat homework yang manjew manjew and bajet comels masing masing. Oh the below one are me and my roomate, Aqila Masykuri the budak kecik Selandau. Intec reunite us back, wow poyo sangat hahaha. Because duckface is too mainstream, I decided to close the eyes instead lol.

These are le classmates. Apesal muka semua diulang ulang? Oh well, we've only 7 girls in the class, and the rest are boys. We've 30 students in the class, now do your math. Never ever crossed in my mind that I'll be in a class with so many boys when I'm in engineering. So yeah, sabau jelah setiap hari dibahan digelak-gelakkan, dibuli dsb. Well..boys. Jahat.....and HILLARIOUS FOR SURE! I never missed a day without laughing hillariously in the class. Aimagadzzz. So, you see the last photo, photo of us with fries soo bajet comel. Gua sorang kena bahan dalam kelas, paling teruk kena, paling kena gelak sampai rasa nak lempang sorang sorang, tiga yang lain tak kena pun. Tak adil gila. Sabau je ah.

Ini apahal gambar sebijik je ni? Ahaha. Intec best sebab ada program kewl kewl best gilos. Saya jumpa IM Asyraf, Sham Kamikaze, Yatt Hamzah, Hafiz Hamidun, Aiman. Nowseeheart, Azlan Iskandar, DS Shabery Cheek (Shabery Cheek is a minister. Not an artist. Lol). Sooo I'm happy about it. Anyways, this is Nowseeheart's photo.

Nothing much to tell, sebab banyak dah apdet kat Twitter. Hahahah. Follow my Twitter ahhh senang ceghita. Till then, have a nice day ahead people!