Sunday, April 8, 2012

I shall sleep, ya?

So, it is 2.58 am, and I'm still haven't sleep yet. How cool is that?
Well, sleep early at night is so -not me.

By the way, I am browsing the net, search for scholarships and all. This is not cool.

So far, so not good. I still dunno what is the right course for me to pursue in universities. Well done Emy, well done.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I feel this 10As isn't anything for me. I'm still struggling like hell to go for scholarships. Y U NO FIND ME SCHOLARSHIP? I ISZ SAD. I never thought the situation will be like this. Ehm, dream on Emy.

Medic sounds nice. But after all, I'm not a hardworking students (+50 retweets) and I don't have major interested on that field. Instead, I'm enjoying leisuring in my home. Oh lalalala -so not helping -_-"

I am still clueless about everything. I'm stucked between don't-want-PTPTN , kerja-best-best-gaji-banyak-banyak , enjoy-bila-study, travelling-to-another-country. Haha geddit? I am lame, I know. Even Naim says so.

I want to cry :( Haha gedik gila hampuk diri sendiri guna laptop kang.

After all, I'm truly gratefull for what I've now. It's not that I'm being tak bersyukur with my SPM results, hey can't you understand that I'm talking about how hard life is, and not my SPM result? Aku pang kang.

Adios amigos.